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    Dear parents,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I reach out to share some exciting news about the leadership of our school. For the past seven years, it is been my pleasure and privilege to work beside our talented associate principal, Mrs. Mary Anne Moran. For years, I have introduced Mrs. Moran as the co-principal of our school, highlighting the way she acts as my partner in the management, instructional leadership, and visioning for Nipmuc. In reaching out to you today, it is my great pleasure to announce that beginning this school year, Mrs. Moran will make her shared leadership of our school official as she joins me as the co-principal of Nipmuc Regional High School.

    When I approached Dr. Maruszczak and Mrs. Moran with this opportunity, I did so knowing that she is an exemplary leader who will be a key part of our work to make the vision of our school attainable. She has a deep appreciation of the unique strengths of our school, demonstrates a passion for continuing the work to make Nipmuc a school that inspires, and - like me - is excited about a long-term commitment to the students and teachers of Nipmuc.

    Through collaboration with our talented educators, Nipmuc has been on a journey to ensure not only that students have opportunities for achievement but also inquiry, excitement, and innovation. Mrs. Moran has been a source of instructional leadership from technology integration to empowering student voice to creating meaningful ways to connect the classroom with the community and more. The restructuring of her role will provide additional opportunities for her to partner with me in the instructional leadership and management of our school. In adopting this model, we will have the chance to expand our instructional support, broaden communication, increase partnerships with the community, implement Nipmuc’s newly created vision for learning, and provide long-term shared leadership of our school.

    This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of Dr. Maruszczak. His tenure in our district has been characterized by a commitment to continuous improvement and an uncommon capacity to innovate. In supporting this model of leadership, he has provided our school with the chance to grow, evolve, and make our school and community as strong as they can be. I am grateful for his support.

    I couldn't be any more excited about the future of our school and the opportunity to work, to learn, and to lead with Mrs. Moran for many years to come. Please join me in offering congratulations on this new opportunity!


    With excitement,

    John K. Clements




2019 Nipmuc HS Graduation