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    Art in the Valley  


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  • Good Morning Miscoe Hill

    Good Morning, Today is Tuesday  May 21th and it’s day 2

    Please listen closely as Reanna Shrestha leads this morning’s announcements


    Lunch Today -Cheeseburger/ Hamburger


    Diabetes Walk

    Reminder to please turn in your sneakers to your homeroom teachers. The walk to take place this Friday

    Flip the Switch by Girl Scout Troop 64528

    Attention, Miscoe! Put down your devices, because Flip The Switch campaign is lighting up! Did you know that our school spends more $2,000 dollars on unused energy? Many of the classrooms in Miscoe still have the light switch on during unoccupied times, such as when the school day is over. That money could buy us new sports equipment, awesome field trips, and materials to make the school even better! All you have to do is flip a light switch when you leave the room. It can save us tons of money! Girl Scout Troop 64528 is ready to take action, are you with us? Pass this on to the new fifth graders! Eighth graders, bring this on to Nipmuc! Share this with your friends and family! This is a new opportunity for Miscoe, starting now, and continuing in September!

    Nipmuc sports

    Attn any 8th-grade student interested in playing sports at Nipmuc  There will be a meeting Thursday, May 28th during project block.



    The Miscoe Braves baseball against Grafton was canceled yesterday after one inning of play.  The Braves were winning 3-0 at the time. Today they are home against Milford.



    Since the school year is coming to an end, Mrs. Arnold your school librarian would like to remind everyone to PLEASE RETURN your library books as soon as possible. If the book is lost or damaged, please see Mrs. Arnold in the library for the cost to replace it.   Any questions just ask. :)

    French word of the day



    Rachel's challenge positive quote by Ashley Hanna

    if you can dream it, you can achieve it-


    Rachel’s Challenge by Scott Arthur

    Attention all grades, starting on Tuesday the 28th through Thursday the 30th of May, donation jars will be placed in the cafeteria to see which grade can raise the most money for the buzz cuts for kids with cancer charity. The grade that raises the most money will win themselves an ice cream social party at their recess on June 10th! All proceeds donated will go directly to the buzzcuts charity

    Marfan Syndrome by Cam Allen
    I am hosting an information table during lunchtimes for Marfan Syndrome this week so please feel free to stop by and check out our raffle basket



    Please Stand and Join
    1.Lyla Hill

    2.Anna Tsuchiya

    For the Pledge of Allegiance….

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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