Health Services

Meet Our School Nurse!

Mrs. Bellefontaine MHS, BSN, RN

Henry P. Clough Elementary School
School Nurse
Phone: 508-634-9179


Mrs. Kristin Golini

Henry P. Clough Elementary School
PT School Nurse Assistant
Phone: 508-634-9179
Email: kgolini@mursd.org

Welcome to Health Services. I will provide a lot of useful health links and information for you to review at your convenience.

Please remember to review the General Health Reminders and always feel free to contact me with any health or Fuel Up to Play 60 questions.

I have the privilege of working with wonderful students and staff at Clough and do my best to keep everyone healthy. I see approximately 40-60 students per day depending on the various illnesses at the time. Student’s health needs are my main priority and will return calls and emails when all students are cared for. Thank you for allowing me to look after your children while they are at school.

Department Announcements:

School Policy

Illness: Please call the main office at 508-634-1580 to report your child’s absence.

Medications: All medications (including over-the-counter) must have a signed order by a physician, nurse practitioner, or a dentist and a completed school medication permission form. All medication must be kept in the nurse’s office. (Per Massachusetts General Law students are ONLY allowed to carry asthma rescue inhalers and enzymes for Cystic Fibrosis.)

Health Forms:
MURSD Medication Administration form