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Meet Our School Nurses!

Mrs. Farquharson
Miscoe Hill Middle School
School Nurse
Phone: 508-634-1590 ext. 2010
Email: gfarquharson@mursd.org

Mrs. Bohan
Miscoe Hill Middle School
School Nurse
Phone: 508-634-1590 ext. 2011
Email: Cbohan@Mursd.Org
Mrs. Murphy
Miscoe Hill Middle School
School Nurse
Phone: 508-634-1590 ext. 2011
Email: jmurphy@mursd.org

Sick Calls

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school secretaries at 508-634-1590. If your child is absent for 3 days or more due to illness, please notify the school nurse. Please notify the school nurse if your child will be absent due to injury or hospitalization. If your child is seen by a physician while out of school, please ask for a note for school and the absence will be excused.


Most students are all up to date on vaccines during middle school until 7th grade. The Department of Public Health mandates that students may not enter 7th grade without the vaccines listed below.

Required vaccines to enter 7th grade:

Hepatitis B -3 doses

Tetanus/Diptheria- 1 booster dose of Td (this is the one that most students need)

Measles/Mumps Rubella- 2 doses of MMR

Varicella - 2 doses (chicken pox)

Recommended Vaccines for 7th graders

Hepatitis A- 2 doses

Meningococcus- single dose

HPV- 3 doses

Please review the above requirements with your physician. Documentation of compliance must be in the health office by the first day of the 7th-grade school. These can be either mailed, faxed to 508-634-1576 or emailed to gfarquharson@mursd.org.


Massachusetts state law requires all students to have a current physical on file prior to entering 5th grade. Please send a copy of your child’s most recent physical (within the 4thgrade year) to the nurse’s office by the first day of the 5th grade school year. We understand that many children are seen during the summer months for their annual physicals. If this is the case, you may mail a copy of the physical to the school over the summer. Physicals can also be faxed to 508-634-1576 or emailed to gfarquharson@mursd.org.


All prescription medications must have a signed order by a physician, nurse practitioner, or a dentist to be administered at school. Students may have Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Tums with parent’s permission only. Cold and cough medicines will not be given at school. All medication must be kept in the school nurse’s office.


The following screenings are mandated by Mass General Law;

Vision- grades 5 & 8

Hearing- grade 8

Scoliosis- grades 5-8

Height and Weight grades 5-8

Screenings take place at various times during the school year. Parents will be notified when Scoliosis screenings take place. Students may be excluded from this screening by submitting a note from parents and physician documentation that they have recently had the screening.