At Nipmuc Regional High School our students, teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, and community members have collaborated to identify several key values that are most important to our learning community. These values include respect, high expectations, academics, and accountability.

We believe that RESPECT should be mutual between students, parents, teachers, staff, and members of the school community. All members should be encouraged to express their true selves and beliefs in a supportive and safe environment. We believe there needs to be an appreciation of where students are coming from. We believe that respect for differences, diversity, property, community, time, and work are the foundation of a nurturing community. We believe respect includes tolerance of individuals and their ideas and differences as well as respecting school as a community.

We believe that HIGH EXPECTATIONS should be tailored to students’ abilities, measurable, and create new learning opportunities. We believe in helping students achieve beyond what they think they can accomplish. All should have attainable, yet challenging goals and continually be pushed to exceed these goals. We believe that expectations need to be clearly identified, achievable, and applicable to not only academics but also behavior.

We believe that ACADEMICS should provide students with opportunities for exploration, inquiry, and creativity. We believe it consists of authentic and practical learning which is differentiated to accommodate different student strengths with the idea that knowledge is power. Students need to be able to utilize knowledge, creatively and inventively which will enable them to be successful after Nipmuc. We believe it includes self-discipline, time management, and life-long learning.

We believe individuals should take ownership and be responsible for their choices, actions, and achievement. We believe it comes with ownership and pride in choices that are made and should be applied to all members of the school community. We believe ACCOUNTABILITY celebrates progress and strives for excellence.

We believe students welcome the opportunity to develop skills that will serve them well in the modern workplace. We believe that it is important for students to see how their education will be useful to them and seek to make connections between academic work and the world beyond the classroom. We believe that critical thinking, communication, teamwork and civic skills are a significant part of a student’s ability to contribute to society. We believe students should be able to collaborate with others, think critically and creatively, and communicate their ideas effectively.