school committee


As active members of the Mendon-Upton Regional School District, we will strive to provide a complete and meaningful curriculum that maximizes the student's intellectual potential throughout his/her educational career. We will strive to equip students with the required knowledge society demands in their field of endeavor and provide them with sufficient exposure for making an informed career choice. Also of import, we will aid each student in establishing an appropriate set of values, reflecting community and emphasizing tolerance, so they may assume their chosen role as a productive member of society.

Advancing our role in the proper preparation of citizens for the twenty-first century, the Mendon-Upton Regional School District will pursue the symbiotic use of proven technology as a means of integrating instruction and learning for achieving improved student outcomes. We will make every effort to anticipate the requirements of a growing community and ensure the budget process responsibly directs the community's resources toward supporting all of the District's objectives. We will continue evaluating the District's facilities and collectively ensure appropriate action to maintain adequate facilities in a safe, cost-effective and fully operational state.

Within the Mendon-Upton's Regional School District's framework, we will establish broad but meaningful directives for educational guidelines and goals that will allow staff to focus on the teamwork necessary for a cohesive community-based operation. We will actively listen to community concerns and seek constructive solutions. On reflection of the District's educational goals, we will structure new directives to best represent and serve the community. Finally, we will foster positive thinking, stimulate professional growth and stimulate system-wide change in harmony with our educational directives.

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