strategic plan

Dear Mendon-Upton School Community,

Let me begin by sharing what many of you may already know--our school district is special. Each day I am witness to our talented educators, collaborative community members, and amazing students who demonstrate an uncommon dedication to our mission, vision, beliefs, and values. It is my honor to share our new district strategic plan that sets an aspirational course for the next five years, one that is rooted in our shared vision for a thriving community of inspired learners. As you will see in the following pages, our community envisions a future where every individual is empowered to unleash their potential. By bringing this vision to life, we will create a school environment where curiosity is nurtured, where talents are honed, and where barriers are replaced with boundless opportunities.

We share the conviction that learners thrive when they are active participants in their own education. We believe that meaningful and authentic experiences are the foundation of effective learning. As a result, our strategic plan is a commitment to designing opportunities that invite engagement, ignite inquiry, and empower our learners to take ownership of their educational and life-long journey.

This journey begins when we establish an academic culture that values exploration, inquiry, reflection, and growth. With the firm belief that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms, we strive to cultivate a future where every learner, regardless of age, is inspired to ask questions, seek answers, and embrace a continuous journey of discovery. Therefore, our plan's focus is to have our learners experience relevant, forward-thinking, and personally meaningful learning that will enable each student to develop our Portrait of a Learner competencies, further preparing them for what the future holds.

A thriving learning community is not built on academics and college/career pathways alone. It's a place where each learner feels known, valued, celebrated, and supported. Safety, inclusivity, and belonging are the cornerstones of this environment. Our strategic plan underscores our unwavering commitment to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive experience that enables every learner to flourish.

In the pages of this strategic plan, you'll discover actionable strategies and tangible priorities that capture our devotion to these principles. To bring these goals to life, it takes a partnership and we thank you for your continued engagement and your trust. Together, we will build a community of inspired learners who not only dream but also do, who not only learn but also lead, and who not only grow but truly thrive.

Warm Regards,

Maureen Cohen, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools


We welcome you to view our entire Strategic Plan 2023-2028 in its entirety through the following link to the document.

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