wellness week

Nipmuc Regional High School students took part in a number of activities during Wellness Week, including games such as ping pong. (Photo Courtesy Mendon-Upton Regional School District)

Nipmuc Regional High School Students Participate in Wellness Week

MENDON – Superintendent Maureen Cohen is pleased to share that students at Nipmuc Regional High School participated in the school’s Wellness Week earlier this month.

Wellness Week began in 2015 as a way to promote overall health and well-being among all students. During Wellness Week, 30-minute blocks are set aside so that students may try new wellness practices, such as yoga, meditation, karate, zumba, art, journaling, walking, sports, and games. Programming also includes mental health education.

Wellness Week has evolved over the years to include guest speakers, wellness fairs, visits by therapy animals, and even incorporate a rock-climbing wall.

This year’s event focused primarily on advancing student mental health awareness. Mallory Gothelf, a speaker from Minding Your Mind, a non-profit that provides mental health education, gave a presentation to students. Students also took part in mindfulness exercises in class, sampled relaxing hot tea, and enjoyed a musical performance.

“Student health and well-being is the foundation for creating a safe and supportive environment for learning,” Superintendent Cohen said. “Wellness Week has been a wonderful way of introducing students to new approaches and wellness practices they can use in school and life.  I’m thankful for the leadership of our counseling department who take a proactive and evidence-based approach to teaching our students the fundamental and life-long principles of wellness practice.”

Nipmuc Regional High School students sample relaxing tea during Wellness Week. (Photo Courtesy Mendon-Upton Regional School District)

Winston, a certified therapy dog owned by High School Counselor Meredith Hefez, visits during Wellness Week. (Photo Courtesy Mendon-Upton Regional School District)